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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Work Or Not?

After discussing with parents and my friends,i choose to WORK (because of MoNeY) I have to skip 2 tuition classes,hope my friends can take note for me!(help me ya).Since I choose to work,I have to give up my holidays weekend and sacrifice my fun (go out sing K,shopping, badminton or maybe gethering) T.T sorry guys if I can't make it...

Now I must have some fun first,if not I will regret FOREVER....Guys,this wednesday Let's go for movie! District 9 or Orphan,make a choice,S.J suggest go for Orphan,how about others?To those who want go for movie,leave comment for me and write down which movie you want to watch, we will choose the most vote!MUST LEAVE COMMENT!

Here is my pic,taking when walking,so abit blur~


Finally reach the favorite time of school!ONE WEEK HOLIDAYS!but have to attend tuition class almost 80% of this holidays,and have to done the school work too!HAHA....At least better then school days~

What should I do to this holidays,so I wont regrat it....Ermmm,first I think I will for a movie, 'District 9' or 'Orphan' will be my first two choices!Who want to join me,just let me know!Second,since most of the 5SN 游子 will be in Malacca this week,so I think we should have a gathering,to those who coming back,please let me know...This two plan I hope can sucess lo,and now still thinking of others plan....

Just now when I having my dinner,my ex-boss called me,ask me to work for 4 days (28th-31th), the pay is good,but I still thinking should I do it or not?because if I accept this job,I have to skip some of my tuition classes and have to give up my holidays other way of thinking,I can earn some money if I take this job,and can meet some old friends there too,and I sell the things before (mouth wash)...should I take it or reject it?Someone give me some suggestion PLS!

Monday, August 17, 2009

No Title!

Last Friday,all of my friends take paid leave,LOL...and 99% of my classmates also do so!Hope we wont get any warning,haha...

Saturday-account tuition move to 8a.m,and i go with sleeping mode,so so sleepy!and afternoon, 2p.m math tuition,i going to movie at 7,30p.m,im so the end,i nearly fall a sleep TWICE cause of my tiredness!

I watched G.I JOE,the movie not bad,the movie start with action and end with action too!This movie consider a fully action movie,to those who LOVE action movie,this G.I.JOE can fulfill your desire...
Holidays is coming!FRIENDS we need to plan our holidays and make it FUN!i know most of previous 5SN students will back to hometown,so i suggestion we should have a gethering!how about others?

This post i dont know what title should i put,can anyone give me some idea?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not An Empty Blog

Since most of my friends complaint about my blog,and keep saying my blog don't have any special...Okay,nevermind!now i going to upload something to this 'empty' blog and make it FULL!

This week,school quarantine had over and start school on thusday,in the same day,we continue our EXAM!!! EXAM EXAM EXAM,everyday burning midnight oil and 临时抱佛脚 keep study and the end,still not really know how to do the the questions...especially my MATH,now only can pray for not getting a worst result!help me GOD! all of you who are still having or going to exam,good luck and dont last min just want to study,haha...i always do that (=.=),dont follow my bad attitude!

Today,the exam war had end!YEAH,no need stress about it anymore!now have a lot of time to upload some pictures to my blog!

Two week before,our school organize Canteen Day,here are some pic about that day!

This is our stall sign (who incharge this sign board,you all had done a great job,thank you)

This is the game i incharge,look interesting?
The guy in the center of the pic (Ah Saw) he really good in talk and sell,he help me a lot,Lua and yong her also,and people who help me,thank you all,without you all,my game not 'laku' anymore!

Too tired jor,rest behind the stall...

three girl start from the left,they keep arguing...and only one of them are ready for the shoot,LOL

Now only my 'sell girls' ready for the shoot,HAHA

I dont have anymore pic about the canteen day,i had told someone to give send the pic,but that person give me a pendrive with some other pics, pls '' don't '' blame him!

To be continue......

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time to Start Blogging!

Registered this blog already been a while,keep telling my friends i will write something here,but always delay and delay,im really sorry to them simimaseh - the correct pronouns is sumimasen....

NOW i proudly present to you all this is my first time write a blog!LOL
But i have no idea what should i write in my first blog...should it be complicated or simple?I think simple is better.....

Recently,my life is so busy,just two week ago,my new school had a Canteen Day and im helping Form 6 union to EARN $$$,that week,im totally busy with it,i have to call some of my friends to help me(they all pro in these kind of event) all of them help me alot,THANKS A MILLION!Luckly i help F6 Union earn a little $,HAHA....Last week,is exam week,and i dint study alot bcus of my laziness,and just after my 1st paper in the 1st day of exam,my school get quarantine,that mean my 2nd paper have to pospone to another week!!!why my school!hate this i get quarantine,but in these few day i do 'many things'.....haha,i have to stop here,so you all will visit my blog again (^.^)

First post dont have any pics sorry!but next post i will upload alot of pics here,so to be continue...